Marine collagen from seaweed for skincare

Marine collagen derived from seaweed is the vegan skin anti-aging dream! Traditionally collagen in skincare and healthcare supplements has been made from animal-based ingredients like connective tissues and ligaments from cows or fish. Marine collagen can refer to fish-based collagen, as well as seaweed-based collagen, so if you’re veggie or vegan be sure to check the label!

Collagen in skin declines with age; it’s one of the key causes of visible aging. It’s been reported that we lose half of our skin’s collagen by the time we enter middle age. Therefore collagen is one of the key ingredients to keep topped up for supple elastic skin. 

Marine or seaweed collagen can also be taken in edible form to give the same benefits. But please don’t eat Azur Marine Collagen Serum! Applying collagen externally as well as internally is a double anti-aging whammy!

The ocean is abundant with minerals, so it’s no surprise seaweed collagen is so good for skin.

You can find marine collagen in Azur Marine Collagen Hydrating Face Serum. Made from quality natural vegan collagen sourced from seaweed, it’s the perfect way to boost hydration, plump and protect against wrinkles and skin damage.